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Catering by Blend Spice6 Catering is Awesome !! 

Blend Spice6 Caterers was created in 2006 out of a passion for amazing food & service.One-man operation having a 25 year experience in food & beverage catering industry saw the need for traditionally and culturally rich Indian food. From the word of mouth, a lot of hard work and a commitment to producing one of a kind finest events, Blend Spice6 Catering has become one of the most beloved caterer in Delhi/NCR.

At Blend Spice6 Catering we believe that using fresh of the freshest ingredients produces the best food experience ever. We are tireless in staying updated of latest food trends that can make out guests feel the food that is modern but also rich in traditions and cultures. We at BS6 Catering are obsessed with making customized menus for our valuable guests and exclusive masterpieces for our guests. 

Simply : we exist to make your vision a reality.

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